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Pitchfork: 500 best tracks of 2000´s

Pitchfork sacó (muy apresuradamente, según Bodo y yo) la lista de los 500 mejores tracks de música de los años dosmiles, aún faltando un semestre del año 2009 y todo 2010, pero bueno, me imagino que sus listas de ahora en adelante serán así de 2000 - 2009, 2010 - 2019... etc. El caso es que según ellos, las 10 mejores canciones del 2000 al 2009 son:

10. Arcade Fire
"Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels)"

9. Animal Collective
"My Girls"

8. Radiohead

7. Missy Elliott
"Get Ur Freak On"

6. Yeah Yeah Yeahs

5. Daft Punk
"One More Time"

4. Beyoncé [ft. Jay-Z]
"Crazy in Love"

3. M.I.A. [ft. Bun B and Rich Boy]
"Paper Planes (Diplo Remix)"

2. LCD Soundsystem
"All My Friends"

Y la número uno es:

1. OutKast

Y Explican porqué:

But really, do we have any other choice? "B.O.B." is not just the song of the decade-- it is the decade. Appropriately, the contemporary hip-hop act most in tune with the Afro-Futurist philosophies of Sun Ra, George Clinton, and Afrika Bambaataa, wound up effectively crafting a fast-forwarded highlight-reel prophecy of what the next 10 years held in store. The title-- aka "Bombs Over Baghdad", a phrase that sounded oddly anachronistic in 2000, sadly ubiquitous two and a half years later--

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